Legacy ER & Urgent Care serves over 90,000 patients a year and approximately 85% of them are treated and billed at urgent care level rates. The 15% of patients requiring ER level services should expect ER level billing at or below all major DFW based hospital emergency rooms.

  • Patients receiving Urgent Care billing will not be charged any of the following fees.
  • The ER Facility Fees below are not reflective of the discounted rates we have agreed to with your insurance plan.

Legacy ER & Urgent Care: Required ER Pricing List

ER Facility Fees: 
  • Level 1:  $280.00 (lowest severity)

  • Level 2:  $560.00

  • Level 3:  $926.60

  • Level 4:  $1,775.00

  • Level 5:  $2,508.00

  • Level 6:  $2,840.00 (critical care)

Range of Possible ER Facility Fees: 
  • $0.00-$2,840.00

Median ER Facility Fees:  
  • $1.575.00

Legacy ER & Urgent Care Does Not Charge Hourly ER Observation Fees.
  • Observation Fee Per Hour:  $0.00

  • Range of Possible Observation Fees:  $0.00-$0.00

  • Median Observation Fees for ER Patients:  $0.00

  • Per Hour Fee:  $0.00

Our charges are less than or equal to other major DFW hospital systems in almost all situations. See how Legacy ER & Urgent Care compares to other local emergency rooms: