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Urgent vs. Emergency: Finding the Right & Convenient Care For You

emergency room visits If you are feeling ill, deciding if you should visit an emergency room can be difficult. Emergency room visits can be costly. From the moment you see a nurse, you are racking up bills. However, your health should be your top priority and there are certain instances when urgent medical care is absolutely necessary.Urgent Care vs. Emergency RoomIn the past, visiting a hospital's emergency department was the only way to receive convenient care in a walk-in sett [...]


A Guide to Your Urgent Care Visit

convenient medical treatment Knowing when to visit urgent care and what to expect from the process can be a challenge. Between emergency room visits, 24 hour emergency care, walk in clinics, and more, sifting through which office to visit and when to do it can be a confusing process and, if you have a wound or ailment to address, there may be little time to waste researching options.Well, here at Legacy, we are all about finding a convenient medical treatment for a variety of needs, which [...]


Urgent Care and Emergency Room Visits: When to Go

emergency center The Emergency Center and Urgent CareWhile all of us pray that we never have a reason to visit the Emergency Center or Urgent Care, we are all grateful that they exist. Having urgent care facilities and emergency rooms make for convenient care in the case of a serious injury or another medical issue. Children's urgent care is especially important as is after hours medical care. Illness and accident do not discriminate by age or time of day.Because LegacyER is both an Urgent [...]


Convenient Care: Why Take Advantage of an Emergency Room/Urgent Care Center?

​Seeking emergency care when you're not sure if you have an actual emergency on your hands or not is something many people are faced with on the regular. Illnesses that are often diagnosed in an urgent care setting include cough, acute bronchitis, acute respiratory infection (upper), sinusitis, and other breathing-related conditions, according to the Urgent Care Association of America.When you need convenient care, or medical treatment where you don't have to make an appointment to [...]


How a Combination of Urgent Care and an Emergency Room can Benefit You

For those that have not gone to one before, a 24-hour urgent care location can be very beneficial to someone who has gotten sick or hurt outside of normal clinical hours. In 2016, more than one-quarter of U.S. patients had gone to an urgent care center. They are brilliant for getting checked on by a professional when the ailment seems not severe enough for a trip to the emergency room but needs to be observed regardless. Not everywhere has clinical sites like Legacy Urgent Care in McKinne [...]


What Is Considered Urgent Care?

Breathing difficulties, chest pain, fever, lacerations. Wondering when it’s time to visit the emergency room and when urgent care will do? Generally, urgent care is for non-emergency issues that require treatment before your next scheduled doctor visit. The emergency room is for genuine emergencies.Legacy family medical center serves as an urgent care provider, children’s urgent care, and an emergency room under one roof; the facilities can provide treatment for and bill your [...]


Emergency Room or Urgent Care: Why Not Both?

No matter the severity of a medical situation, there is always going to be some level of stress, pain, and anxiety. Being able to quickly alleviate any pain and tend to any worries associated with your injury or illness is essential -- which is why it’s important to get the right medical treatment.Emergency rooms (ERs) are great for serious conditions requiring immediate medical attention and urgent care facilities are great for treating everything from strep throat to car accident [...]


April 24th, 2019

emergency room visit When it comes to healthcare, quality is always a top priority for both patients and providers. However, there has been a recent shift in how people look at medical attention. Receiving quality care remains essential, but there is a strong emphasis on convenience.Here are a few ways convenience is driving the future of healthcare:Hybrid emergency and urgent care facilitiesKnowing what type of care you need during a medical situation can be tricky, stressful, and ov [...]


Urgent Care: What it Is and When I Should Utilize It

Have an illness or injury and are not sure whether you should go to the emergency room, visit an urgent care facility, or just schedule a doctor appointment? Here at Legacy ER and Urgent Care, we take medical treatments, as well as your 24 hour emergency care services, seriously, and we feel that educating patients on the difference between these things is important.Urgent care is a great option in a wide range of cases, and we are here today to elaborate more on just what it is and when [...]


When Does Abdominal Pain Require an Emergency Room Visit?

Everyone will experience abdominal pain sometime in their life. Whether you ate too many rich foods or you forgot to take Lactaid before you ate that macaroni and cheese, a little stomach ache is nothing to be worried about. But when does abdominal pain become cause for an emergency room visit? Knowing the difference between common stomach pain and a medical emergency could make all the difference in your health.When is it time for an emergency room visit?If you're experiencing severe, un [...]